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Wine engineers

As pioneers in understanding the elements that influence wine, we help winemakers around the world understand their market and manage their vineyards, the vinification process, and the quality of their wines.
Know-how gained through field research and international expertise is the key to a unique multi-disciplinary offering that combines consultation, oak for oenology and technical equipment to develop wines that appeal to consumers.

Exclusive support to ensure the success of your wines

Offrir des solutions innovantes aux vignerons pour les aider à définir et mettre en œuvre leur stratégie de production.

Technological innovation to benefit your wines

Our exclusive technologies ensure that you can manage your wines and bring out their true character, while meeting the needs of agronomists, oenologists, quality controllers and sales & marketing teams.

With Boisé®, the profile creator

Boisé®, the pioneer in precision oenology, designs and presents a unique offer that brings the best of what oak can offer to wine ageing.


Vivelys is a pioneer in innovation, and leads the winemaking sector in the development of new and exclusive solutions. During its 20 years of innovation, Vivelys has led the way in terms of technology to benefit winemaking.
From the vineyard… with the help of Dyostem® (2006) for the management of grape profiles and harvest, and with its Indigenous Yeast solutions for vinification using the vineyard’s own exclusive yeasts.
To the wine cellar… with the world’s first micro-oxygenation patent, obtained in 1993 and the first solution for vinification management with Scalya® in 2012.


Vivelys is driven by the desire to develop its business while controlling and reducing its impact on the environment. Boisé France promotes sustainable forest management by ensuring the preservation of their biodiversity through PEFC certification.

Boisé also values and promotes French forests and related jobs by buying only French oak, which is recognised for its quality. The re-use of our co-products is also one of our key concerns. We strive to minimise our impact on nature by re-using 100% of our co-products. In an effort to continuously improve quality, the HACCP method has been implemented since 2011 and ISO22000 certification is planned for the first half of 2017. 

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Key Figures

  • 72% of turnover achieved through exports
  • 10% of turnover invested in research and development
  • N°1 and Pioneer in oak chips and micro-oxygenation
  • 16 000 parcels monitored/year
  • 1 100 000 hl managed in cellars

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