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The guardian of aromas

Originally a family business that was founded in 1937, Diam's technological cork closures offer consumers the opportunity to enjoy the fruit of the wine grower's work, bottle after bottle, year after year. Our innovative approach has allowed us to become the market leader in high-end technical cork closures for still wines, sparkling wines and spirits.
By preserving the aromas of the wine as it ages, Diam guarantees a successful tasting every time. It is more than an innovative closure, it is an oenological choice.


As each wine has its own specific requirements, our range provides varying levels of permeability and ageing potential, offering closures that are able to protect the finest wines, even beyond 30 years of ageing.
And because innovation means respecting our planet, Diam also offers the Origine by Diam® closure, which contains even more natural components.

Mytik Diam

A closure for sparkling wines that protects the aromas as they develop. It offers an optimised seal and perfect consistency across bottles.

Altop Diam

A range of closures for spirits. These closures fit the particular features of all bottle necks and provide a good balance between elasticity and a high sealing capacity.


Since 2011, Diam Bouchage has been a certified “innovation company” (Label BPI France)


By working on the unique formulation of the Origine by Diam® closure with the use of beeswax, Diam Bouchage wished to be involved in supporting the association Un toit pour les abeilles, (A home for the bees) by sponsoring various hives in French wine regions.

With the knowledge that true innovation always brings us closer to nature, Diam R&D works with an ever-increasing respect for the environment. As part of our continuous improvement and sustainable development, we aim to optimise manufacturing processes and use new natural raw materials.

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Key Figures

  • 73% of turnover achieved through exports
  • 5,10 million bottles under Diam closures per day
  • +12 finishing plants in France and abroad
  • 88,20M€ in investments
  • 20 patents filed since 2007
  • 300m² research laboratory 

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