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Innovating through tradition

Drawing on our unique know-how that has been built on since 1838, and with 40 years of innovations, (in 1978, Paul Pontallier’s thesis on ageing red wine in wood was the impetus for Seguin Moreau to begin its R&D department), we work with each of our customers towards achieving their objectives with “100% oenological” solutions and personalised guidance.
Seguin Moreau has a personalised solution to suit any wine or spirit.
As the world's leading cooperage brand, our range includes the widest selection of essences, toasts, designs and finishes to meet your needs and achieve your winemaking ambition.

(225 à 600L)

Seguin Moreau barrels make it possible to fully reveal the potential of the wine, while respecting its unique character and the original expression of the grape.
Based on the mastery of the oak’s oenological potential, the “Icône” range can be used to generate the precise wood profile sought by the winemaker at the end of the maturation process, from one barrel to the other, year after year.

Tanks and Tuns (up to 1200 HL)

In the purest French artisan tradition, we use woodwork techniques inherited from cabinetmaking and marine carpentry. Each product is made to measure and tells a unique story.

Wood for winemaking

Staves, blocks, renovators, chips... Our alternative products are a high-end range oenological response for all forms of oaking.


Seguin Moreau know-how is the perfect combination of innovation and traditional craftsmanship.
Its scientific expertise and knowledge of how wine interacts with wood have enabled the company to develop a full range of tools for oenology, giving winemakers the chance to implement vinification and ageing techniques that meet their oenological needs.


Seguin Moreau received certification from the PEFC in 2005, which is the authority that protects the future of the world’s forests. It has implemented a Food Safety and Quality Management System - which has held a Bureau Véritas-issued ISO 22 000 certification since 2007 - across all manufacturing sites.

In addition, the Seguin Moreau cooperage is the only representative of its profession to be a member of the United Nations Global Compact. This voluntary membership is the driving force behind its societal, environmental, economic and ethical commitments.

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Key Figures

  • 65% of turnover achieved through exports
  • 100 coopers
  • 4 oak essences selected
  • 11 categorised oenological toasts
  • 3 docteurs
    et 2 post docteurs
    doctors of oenology dedicated to fundamental and applied research
  • 1 internal laboratory focused solely on innovation and quality control

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