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Actus, Uncategorized | 01.09.2017

Cilyo® by Vivelys, winner of VITeff 2017 Innovation Award in the Enology category

Innovation Awards are organized by the Urban Community of Epernay, Coteaux et Plaine de Champagne d’Epernay for the Sparkling Wine Technology Exhibition (VITeff), held in Champagne since 1984. It rewards the most innovative companies of the wine industry.

Vivelys won the Innovation Award for the 2017 edition in the Enology category for Cilyo®, a decision-making tool which helps revealing and preserving white and rosé wines.


Developed by Vivelys, Cilyo® determines the optimal need of oxygen for each must, white or rosé, to reduce the risks of early oxidation. The oxygen input will reduce the phenolic charge before fermentation, preserving aromas and providing full-bodied wines. As a precision tool, its positive impact on the wine profile has been shown, for instance, to increase thiol aromas.
This technique can perfectly fit in a strategy to reduce the inputs that are necessary to the preservation of musts (reduction of sulfites).

More information: http://www.viteff.com/fr/espace-visiteurs/prix-innovation/prix-innovation-2017-article488.html

Vote for your favorite innovation: http://www.viteff.com/IMG/http:/www.viteff.com/fr/espace-visiteurs/prix-innovation/votez-pour-votre-innovation-preferee-article507.html

Register fo the fair: http://viteff2017.site.exhibis.net/


OENEO est un acteur majeur de la filière vitivinicole, grâce à ses marques haut de gamme et innovantes. Présent dans le monde entier, le groupe couvre l’ensemble des étapes d’élaboration du vin, avec deux divisions majeures et complémentaires: l’Elevage (sociétés Vivelys et Seguin Moreau) et le Bouchage (sociétés Diam et Piedade).

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